I recently started watching High Kick Through the Roof, và it’s been a great show. Highly recommend it! I noticed that there wasn’t an episode guide floating around online, even though I’m sure people are watching it. So I’m compiling a really brief summary of each episode as I watch them, in case anyone wants khổng lồ skip ahead.

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Edit: I made it through all 126 episodes. I don’t think the last episode is as sad as they make it out except for Hye Ri crying all the time (such a good actress at that age). Actually, it felt annoying.

High Kick Through the Roof Episode Guide

126: It’s the day before they leave. Se Kyung’s dad stays at the Lee house for a night. Hye Ri is extra clingy and gives Shin Ae her favorite dolls lớn take with her. Shin Ae and dad drop Se Kyung off at the hospital khổng lồ say goodbye to Ji Hoon on the way to the airport.

125: Jun Hyuk finally stops avoiding Se Kyung. Ji Hoon runs into Jung Eum on the street, và finally learns what happened. However, Jung Eum still runs away from him. Bo Suk seems khổng lồ be doing well in the company, and Grandpa feels ready khổng lồ retire và let him take over the company in a year. (Kiss alert!)

124: Se Kyung finally tells the family that she’s leaving. She và Shin Ae are going lớn Tahiti. Hye Ri doesn’t take the news well, & gets clingy with Shin Ae. Bo Suk bugs Ja Ok for the story behind how she and Grandpa met.

123: Se Kyung wants to inform Jun Hyuk about her plan lớn migrate before letting everyone else know. She asks him out lớn the amusement park. Jun Hyuk thinks it’s a date, & thinks it’s a good time to lớn confess his love. Kwang Soo is coping with In na being never there. She misses his birthday, and worse, her group is making their debut in japan and they’ll be gone for 6 months.

122: Se Kyung và Shin Ae prepare their migration documents. Se Kyung also promises khổng lồ bring Shin Ae around Seoul for the last time, even though their budget is limited. Ja Ok is a little upset that Hyun Kyung won’t gọi her mom.

121: In na has a definite debut date. Kwang Soo is seeing less & less of her, và he’s feeling sad as a result. Se Kyung receives a letter with big news from her father.

120: The company is on the verge of bankruptcy. Grandpa and Bo Suk are trying their best to keep things alive. Jun Hyuk continues khổng lồ get tutored by Jung Eum, & eventually finds out about her family troubles.

119: Jung Eum & Ji Hoon break up, but Ji Hoon is not ready to lớn let go yet. In the meantime, Bo Suk is trying to figure out what happened. Hye Ri gets annoyed by the girls who are mobbing Se Ho, after he won a dance competition. She insists on getting married immediately. (Guess appearance: Park Shin Hye)

118: Jung Eum still can’t find a job, & is resorting to lớn taking part-time jobs. Hyun Kyung gets suspicious about Jun Hyuk và Jung Eum, and Se Kyung and Ji Hoon dating. She decides khổng lồ investigate things.

117: The wedding is finally happening! Se Kyung gets put in charge of the cake, and has to giảm giá khuyến mãi with the baker who is hitting on her. In the meantime, the jealous principal has ordered a curse on the wedding.

116: Hye Ri is trying lớn become class representative. There is uncertainty about whether the house will be sold for redevelopment, và whether Ja Ok will rent her room out. Jung Eum is still trying lớn get a job and is broke in the meantime. She has to send Heli away because she can’t afford dog food.

115: Jung Eum is trying her best lớn get a job because of her family’s circumstances. Se Kyung can’t find much time khổng lồ study between household chores, so Jun Hyuk tries to lớn help her out by pretending that he borrowed a cleaning robot.

114: Grandpa & Ja Ok get their wedding photos taken. Jung Eum is really broke, & asking her friends for money. Finally, she decides lớn go home to ask her dad for her allowance.

113: Grandpa & Ja Ok arrange for the two families khổng lồ meet. Grandpa warns Bo Suk not to vị anything stupid at the meeting of the families. Hye Ri is obsessed with a wrestler called Tiger Mask, & makes herself a mask just lượt thích his. Her wrestling moves annoy Shin Ae, who decides that they should dissolve their friendship.

112: In na gets to make a cameo in a music đoạn clip with a thành viên of Beast (I can’t tell who), but it involves a kissing scene. Kwang Soo is uncomfortable with it. Ji Hoon has a day off and uses it to lớn teach Se Kyung.

111: In mãng cầu wonders if Jung Eum and Jun Hyuk are getting too close. Bo Suk reveals khổng lồ the family that Hyun Kyung is pregnant. Faced with the prospect of another kid, Bo Suk decides that it’s time for him lớn start his own business.

110: Hyun Kyung fires Jung Eum after finding out that she’s from Seoun University. Jun Hyuk refuses to lớn get a new tutor, & he tries to get Jung Eum back. Bo Suk gets a sound effect from a friend, & decides to use it to comment on the situations in daily life. No one in the house likes it very much.

109: Julien has a crush on one of the girls. Guess who? Things are going well for everyone. In na has been selected to lớn debut. Jung Eum is graduating. Ja Ok is finally getting married, and Hyun Kyung has a baby. Jung Eum runs into Hyun Kyung on her way lớn the graduation ceremony, & is offered a ride. Now, Jung Eum has khổng lồ go khổng lồ Seoul University instead.

108: There is a criminal on the loose, & he’s targeting women. Jun Hyuk tells Se Kyung khổng lồ be extra careful. Grandpa, Ja Ok, Hyun Kyung & Bo Suk head to a spa for a night’s stay. In contrast khổng lồ the lovey dovey Grandpa và Ja Ok, Hyun Kyung và Bo Suk can’t stop fighting.

107: Ja Ok and Grandpa are discussing more marriage details. Ja Ok would lượt thích to contribute something khổng lồ the house. Since they don’t need anything, Hyun Kyung says that Ja Ok can bring over some of her belongings, và they can redecorate the bedroom. However, Ja Ok’s taste is very different from the family’s preferences. Ji Hoon says that he’s not jealous when Jung Eum talks lớn other guys. An old friend (male) runs into Jung Eum at the hospital, và he gets close lớn her. Ji Hoon thinks that Jung Eum is trying to lớn make him jealous.

106: Ji Hoon offers to lớn tutor Se Kyung in Math. Unwilling to lớn leave them alone, Jun Hyuk asks if he và Se Ho can get tutored too. Ja Ok offers to giảm giá with Hye Ri, to teach her manners. Thus, Hye Ri & Shin Ae head over lớn Ja Ok’s place for a week long ettiquette camp.

105: Jung Eum wants someone to lớn accompany her khổng lồ school to lớn clear out her locker. She ends up going with Jun Hyuk. Lớn Grandpa’s frustration, Bo Suk takes a hat as collateral. After trying on the hat, Bo Suk and Hye Ri swear that it makes them dumb.

104: Hye Ri guesses that Jun Hyuk likes Se Kyung, và she makes up a tuy nhiên to annoy him. Grandpa is turned off by Ja Ok’s nhảy đầm during a karaoke session with friends. He finds himself low on passion, and she senses it.

103: Bo Suk gets accused of touching the secretary’s butt. Jung Eum is learning to drive, but she can’t seem to lớn drive faster than 12 mph. She’s considering giving up getting a licence. Guest appearance: Jung Woong In.

102: Jung Eum is annoyed that she has to keep waiting to lớn see Ji Hoon, so she decides to lớn take a little break. Grandpa stays up for two nights, & is very sleepy. However, he denies it, and says he’s in great shape.

101: Jun Hyuk’s grades are good enough for only Seoun University. Determined not to lớn go there, he tries to lớn study harder, and even goes khổng lồ stay in a temple for peace and quiet. Julien and Ja Ok still don’t know that Jung Eum & Ji Hoon are dating. By accident, Julien finds out, và now it’s only Ja Ok who is not in on the secret.

100: It’s Shin Ae’s birthday. She’s hoping for a big celebration, but Se Kyung had planned a small thing with just the two of them. Jung Eum is waiting for Ji Hoon to call her. In the meantime, she’s helping various people right a few wrongs.

99: Se Ho still hasn’t given up on Jung Eum. He tries various means to lớn get her attention, & creates parallel opportunities for Jun Hyuk and Se Kyung. Ja Ok & Hyun Kyung spend some time together at a spa.

98: It’s Ji Hoon’s birthday, and Jung Eum is a little broke as usual, but determined to lớn get him a present. Ja Ok forgets her bad impression of Bo Suk, and gets close khổng lồ him. She even tells Grandpa khổng lồ stop being mean to lớn Bo Suk.

97: Se Kyung has to khuyến mãi with the aftermath of finding out about Jung Eum và Ji Hoon. In Na và Kwang Soo go khổng lồ yet another audition. This time, In mãng cầu makes it through the first round, but Kwang Soo does not.

96: Julien meets a girl, & this gets all the women upset. Jung Eum gets tickets khổng lồ the museum, and asks Ji Hoon along. He can’t make it, so Jung Eum ends up going with Se Kyung.

95: Ja Ok gets almost catches Jung Eum and Ji Hoon together. Bo Suk has made another mistake at work, và as punishment, Grandpa tells him not to talk. He tells anyone who hears Bo Suk speaking to lớn report to lớn him. Se Kyung kindly offers to lớn listen to Bo Suk without reporting khổng lồ Grandpa.

94: The boiler in Ja Ok’s house breaks and they have lớn stay elsewhere for a night. Grandpa offers his place to lớn everyone, opening up multiple cans of worms. For one, Ja Ok & Hye Ri are becoming “real friends”. Bo Suk is on to lớn Jung Eum & Ji Hoon, & is trying to lớn gather evidence. Hyun Kyung can’t get over her desire lớn jab Julien in the butt when she sees it. Se Kyung has to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with In Na & Kwang Soo trying lớn steal the Luwak coffee.

93: Grandpa is still trying khổng lồ get Ja Ok and Hyun Kyung to bond. He và Bo Suk plan an event, but it doesn’t go well. Things are still awkward for Se Ho, who knows that Ji Hoon và Jung Eum are dating, & for Jun Hyuk, who knows that Se Kyung likes his uncle.

92: Hyun Kyung embarrasses Bo Suk in front of his friends, now he is upset with her. They end up fighting over little things, physically. Se Kyung realizes that Ji Hoon doesn’t like her, and is trying khổng lồ move on. For better or worse, they run into each other on the street, và spend a couple of hours together.

91: In Na và Jung Eum have a bet lớn see who can seduce the other’s boyfriend. Grandpa brings a snake home for tonic soup, but the snake disappears in the middle of the night. Bo Suk is afraid of snakes, and he gets really worried.

90: Se Ho finally confronts Jun Hyuk about his crush on Se Kyung. Since Jun Hyuk is unwilling khổng lồ discuss it, Se Ho takes matters into his own hands & writes a happy story based on Jun Hyuk and Se Kyung và posts it online. Hyun Kyung and Bo Suk decide to lớn let Hye Ri try figure skating in the hopes that she’ll be a second Kim Yu Na.

89: Bo Suk gets diagnosed with clinical depression. His doctor tells him to lớn be more positive and things will go better. Jung Eum finally gets her first job, & she is determined to vị well.

88: Jun Hyuk spends some time alone, trying khổng lồ get over his discovery of the person that Se Kyung likes. Grandpa finally proposes to lớn Ja Ok, but she takes a while lớn reply.

87: It’s Jun Hyuk’s birthday, & he’s convinced Se Kyung khổng lồ go lớn the movies with him as a present. Hyun Kyung tries lớn play a prank on Julien, but it turns out horribly wrong.

86: Jung Eum is getting bothered by the fact that Ji Hoon pays for everything on their dates. Hye Ri sees Se Ho practicing dancing, & develops a crush on him. She finds out that his crush is Jung Eum, and gets upset. She goes around asking everyone who is prettier.

85: Grandpa finally gets a ring for the proposal. Unfortunately, it’s gone missing. Bo Suk thinks the cát ate it. Se Kyung doesn’t think so. Ji Hoon meets a strange patient at the hospital who keeps bothering him. Guest appearance: Lee mãng cầu Young.

84: Bo Suk reminisces about his old motorbike riding days. He sees Jun Hyuk’s scooter, & wants khổng lồ ride it. Hyun Kyung finally allows him khổng lồ ride it to give Se Kyung a ride. Jung Eum doesn’t have enough credits lớn graduate, and the school suggests doing community service. She ends up in Ji Hoon’s hospital.

83: Ja Ok uses the bathroom in Grandpa’s house, & it gets clogged. She can’t unclog it, & refuses to lớn come out. Jun Hyuk gets jealous that Se Yung gave Ji Hoon a scarf. Se Kyung thinks that he’s mad at her.

82: Hye Ri sees Shin Ae playing with Julien, riding him like a horse, and she wants khổng lồ play too. Bo Suk can’t take her weight, but promises her that he’ll get her a Julien horse ride if she scores 100 in the next test. Se Kyung has math problems but Jun Hyuk can’t help her. He asks Se Ho to tutor her instead, & ends up getting insanely jealous.

81: Jung Eum meets another of Ji Hoon’s friend. It turns out that his girlfriend is also from Seoun University, & the girls bond. Hyun Kyung is annoyed by Ja Ok’s insisting that girls are weaker, và constantly tries to prove that women can be strong to Shin Ae. Guest appearance: Shin Ji, Danny Ahn

80: Jun Hyuk sprains his ankle while helping Se Kyung. She feels really bad, so she pays him extra attention. Grandpa falls sick and is hospitalized. Bo Suk is left in charge in the meantime, and one of the directors is trying to lớn suck up khổng lồ him.

79: Kwang Soo loses Julien’s season ski resort pass, & now has khổng lồ figure out how to lớn make it up to lớn him. Grandpa’s brother comes khổng lồ visit, and Ja Ok finally gets introduced khổng lồ the family. Shin Ae notices that Jun Hyuk likes her sister, and that Jung Eum và Ji Hoon look lượt thích they are together. Spoiler: an accidental first kiss.

78: Jung Eum and Ji Hoon go out on their first official date as a couple, but he ends up taking a urine sample from her. Bo Suk learns a Mook Jji Bba (a game) technique from a colleague, và is now the champion at home. That is until Se Kyung tells Shin Ae how lớn defeat his technique.

77: Jun Hyuk và Se Ho are going to a concert where Rain is also going to be performing. Hye Ri wants to go too, but the guys won’t take her. She runs out on her own anyway. Jung Eum is upset with Ji Hoon for introducing her as “just a girl I know” to a friend that they run into. She wants to lớn know if she is really nothing khổng lồ him, and comes up with plans with In Na.

76: Hyun Kyung gives Se Kyung the day off. Se Kyung wanders around and runs into Jung Eum, và they hang out for the day. It seems that Ja Ok và Grandpa are considering marriage. They have an extra pair of tickets lớn a dinner show, and try khổng lồ ask Hyun Kyung & Bo Suk along so that they can build their relationship.

75: It’s Christmas Eve. Se Kyung makes Shin Ae a Christmas tree. Bo Suk takes Hyun Kyung out on a date. Grandpa takes Ja Ok out to lớn a wine bar, and Julien comes along. Jung Eum is waiting around for Ji Hoon khổng lồ ask her out, although she pretends that she has other engagements.

74: Ja Ok decides khổng lồ sell the house. Se Kyung gets a job offer at another house, và she decides lớn leave.

73: Ja Ok tries to lớn set Ji Hoon up on a blind date. This gets Jung Eum upset, although she denies it. Jun Hyuk và Se Ho try khổng lồ cure Hye Ri of her bad habit of eating other people’s food by feeding her skate fish.

72: The men in the Lee family go off on a trip khổng lồ the mountains. As usual, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Jung Eum and In mãng cầu are left alone for the weekend. Unexpectedly, Ja Ok’s nephew comes khổng lồ visit. The girls fight over him. Guest appearance: Kim Bum.71: Se Kyung và Jung Eum are not getting along so well these days. When Jun Hyuk and Se Ho introduce them khổng lồ Wii boxing, they finally have an outlet for their pent up frustrations. Bo Suk is finding a new way to relieve bít tất tay — hip hop! He gets invited lớn a club by Kwang Soo, In Na và Julien, và really enjoys himself.

70: Hyun Kyung celebrates her 40th birthday, except none of the family, except Se Kyung và Shin Ae, are celebrating it with her. Although she’s always been cool about it, she gets a little upset this year. In Na and Kwang Soo are broke and hungry. A manager at the nearby supermarket is giving In mãng cầu huges amounts of samples so that she can feed them both. Kwang Soo is naturally not happy about it, but unable to do anything.

69: Grandpa và the principal get into another fight. This time, they will resolve it with basketball. (I would consider this episode kinda racist.) Jung Eum and Ji Hoon finally find time khổng lồ run into each other & talk, but she’s playing hard to lớn get (and failing at it really). Ji Hoon is patient with her though.

68: Se Kyung decides that Jun Hyuk needs to lớn focus on his studying because his grades are not good, so they will stop the tutoring sessions for a while. Jun Hyuk gets Jung Eum lớn help him study for the final so that he can reverse the decision. Grandpa gives Bo Suk a hard time for being nice khổng lồ a Japanese client. He nicknames Bo Suk Nakamura, và says that he’s almost Japanese. Bo Suk feels really insulted.

67: Jung Eum and Ji Hoon need to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with the aftermath of the kiss. Driver im meets Se Kyung và develops a huge crush on her, despite the fact that he is getting married soon. Hyun Kyung & Ja Ok turn up lớn the over of year tiệc nhỏ in very similar outfits. Although they are both unhappy about it, they decide khổng lồ work together for the talent show.

66: Spoiler: there is a kiss in this episode! The people in Ja Ok’s house are suffering from food poisoning. Somehow, Jung Eum keeps running into Ji Hoon as she goes around looking for a bathroom. Shin Ae và Se Kyung have a fight, and Shin Ae becomes mean. Se Kyung falls sick, & Shin Ae feels bad.

65: It finally occurs khổng lồ Jun Hyuk that Se Kyung washes his underwear. Even worse, she washes underwear by hand. He decides khổng lồ hide his underwear and deal with them on his own. Ja Ok receives coupons for miễn phí entrance to lớn the nearby swimming pool. The guys và girls at the house thus get a week of không tính tiền swimming. Julien does the backstroke, and Kwang Soo does the doggy paddle. The girls can’t swim, and they learn the backstroke from Julien, causing Kwang Soo lớn become jealous.

64: The two most annoying deliverymen in the world come to lớn install a water purifier for Ja Ok’s house. Bo Suk continues picking on Se Kyung because he thinks that she’s slighting him.

63: Hye Ri does badly in a math thử nghiệm again. Hyun Kyung tries khổng lồ look for a new way khổng lồ teach Hye Ri subtraction. Things have been awkward between Jung Eum & Jun Hyuk since the night she confessed that she’s a Seoun University student. She thinks of quitting, but falls sick. Jun Hyuk ends up taking care of her.

62: The employees of Lee Soon Jae F&B are taking part in the annual food assosiation match, and they are playing foot volleyball. Although Bo Suk usually doesn’t have much lớn contribute, he’s a pretty good athlete. Se Kyung tries lớn pay her cellphone bill, but Jo Hoon insists on taking care of it.

61: Its first snow, which seems lớn be some sort of a huge event. Jung Eum and Ji Hoon end up spending the day together. Se Kyung and Bo Suk have yet another spat of mishaps that makes him think that she’s out khổng lồ get him.

60: Julien’s girlfriend visits from the US. Shin Ae meets her và gets jealous. Hyun Kyung has a history of learning through written instructions, và things don’t always go well. Once again, another new attempt at learning fails.

59: Shin Ae wants lớn go see the ocean, & Se Kyung promises khổng lồ bring her. Lớn facilitate things, Jun Hyuk buys a used scooter & tells Se Kyung to use it, but she doesn’t know how to lớn ride it. He eventually takes the two sisters khổng lồ the ocean on his scooter. Wih her birthday coming up, Grandpa is reminded of his mother. It’s hard khổng lồ explain how, but Julien gets involved.

58: Grandpa feels neglected by the family. He decides to hold a Lee Soon Jae exam to demo the family on their knowledge of Grandpa’s history. Se Kyung gets to take the chạy thử too. After discovering who the girl in the drawing is, Jung Eum is trying lớn come to lớn terms with the fact that Jun Hyuk doesn’t like her.

57: Jung Eum discovers a drawing of a girl in Jun Hyuk’s notebook, & thinks that it’s her. She deduces that he’s got a crush on her. By accident, Bo Suk farts in front of the family, & he gets very traumatized. We find out his tragic fart history.

56: Julien gets discovered by the girls in school, & they size a tín đồ club. The principal is not so happy about it. Grandpa gets a gift of some organic chicken from a friend, but the chickens were delivered alive. The chickens seem unusually aggressive & hells breaks loose when they were let out of their cage.

55: Shin Ae learns about buffets, and is all excited them. Hyun Kyung offers to lớn take her to one since she did well in school. Jung Eum damages a couple of Ji Hoon’s things, and offers to lớn take responsibility for them. He ends up getting injured in saving her from a motorbike, and she ends up taking responsibility for that too.

54: Se Kyung visits the school on an errand for Hyun Kyung, and gets spotted by the crazy PE teacher. He tracks her down, and offers her a scholarship lớn attend school while playing on the softball team. Julien’s mother comes to lớn visit, & she stays with him at Ja Ok’s house. After dinner, Jung Eum offers khổng lồ perform with a traditional korean instrument. Delighted by her performance, Julien’s mother gives her a Chanel bag as a present. Now Kwang So & In mãng cầu need to vị something spectacular as well to lớn try get a reward.

53: Jun Hyuk has enough of everyone treating his father badly, so he tries lớn take his dad’s side, & they bond. Jung Eum and Hye Ri are suddenly best friends. Se Ho tells Jung Eum to be careful because the good times don’t last long.

52: Hye Ri gets into trouble with her mom’s friends. Bo Suk tries to lớn get her khổng lồ stop saying “farty butthole” by promising her a new toy. Hye Ri tries lớn comply. The principal and Grandpa get into another fight, this time a public one. Jun Hyuk continues tutoring Se Kyung.

51: Jun Hyuk becomes Se Kyung’s English teacher. Bo Suk signs the company up for a corporate sponsorship program for a basketball player but misreads the details. He thought they were paying $30 per game, but it turned out lớn be $30 per point. The proceeds go khổng lồ children with cancer.

50: Hyun Kyung compares Hye Ri and Shin Ae. Lớn her dismay, Shin Ae is better at everything, including running. She subjects Hye Ri lớn training. The tenants in Ja Ok’s house are getting a little worried about her possibly raising the rent after Grandpa suggests it. Kwang Soo decides that he wants khổng lồ voluntarily pay more, but the others don’t want to. They decide that Kwang Soo is acting funny.

49: Se Kyung falls sick. She also develops a full fledged crush on Ji Hoon. She meets a female sunbae of Ji Hoon, & feels bad about herself being uneducated. Bo Suk gets in cảm biến with his feminine side, getting a perm và watching dramas with the girls in Ja Ok’s house.

48: the one where Shin Ae’s story gets on the radio, & Grandpa has to giảm giá with his farting reputation spoiling the company’s reputation. Over at Ja Ok’s house, everyone has a stake in the stock that Kwang Soo recommended. They get jitterish over the stock prices falling for three days, và sell out early.

47: Jung Eum tries khổng lồ buy Ji Hoon lunch lớn thank him for not telling about her being a Seoun University student. However she gets held up, and misses their appointment. Hye Ri gets into trouble in school, and then gets into trouble with her mom. She thinks that Shin Ae told on her, but Shin Ae has gone away for a night. Hye Ri spends the next 24 hours obsessing over Shin Ae.

46: the one where Dad goes to Seoul to look for Se Kyung & Shin Ae. Due to interference from Hye Ri, they almost miss each other. On Grandpa’s end, a fortune teller tells him that Ja Ok is brings him bad luck, & the news makes them uncomfortable.

45: Jung Eum gets a scholarship in exchange for being a model for the university’s promotional materials. She does not expect khổng lồ get her face on all the buses in Seoul, & spends everyday vanadalizing her face so that no one can recognize her (as a student of Seoun University). Grandpa gets a gọi from the credit thẻ company about his unpaid bills. The 100th day event was a little too extravagent, so he has to lớn pay off with an advance from the company. To deal with the situation, he orders emergency cost cutting at home, to be headed by Se Kyung. However unrepentent, he buys Ja Ok an expensive mink coat.

44: Jun Hyuk finds himself an admirer who becomes a stalker. He uses Jung Eum as a decoy girlfriend, but stalker girl gets her friends to threaten lớn beat Jung Eum up. Hye Ri and Shin Ae have to bring their dads to lớn a PE competition in school. Bo Suk is on a business trip so Grandpa goes as a replacement. Shin Ae gets to lớn show Julien off. (Guest appearance: Park Ji Yeon)

43: the one where Bo Suk escapes khổng lồ Ja Ok’s house lớn avoid Grandpa, because he made yet another costly mistake at work. Initially, everyone in the house likes him, but they soon find him annoying. Se Kyung is learning to lớn use her new cellphone.

42: Ji Hoon needs a date to lớn a fundraiser event, but Hyun Kyung can’t make it. She suggests Se Kyung. On the day of, something comes up and Se Kyung can’t make it. Ji Hoon ends up taking Jung Eum. (I swear Ji Hoon looks disappointed.) Bo Suk is suffering from stress, & the doctor suggests that he lets go a little. He chooses his driver as the scapegoat, not realizing that the driver would rebel.

41: Hyun Kyung meets Julien while exercising in the park. Unexpected khổng lồ them both, Julien turns up in school as the new English teacher. Ja Ok is unhappy that Hyun Kyung và Julien seem to lớn get along, so the two put on a show for her benefit. Jung Eum is still trying lớn get Jun Hyuk to hotline her noona. This time, her plan involves having her “older brother” threaten to beat Jun Hyuk up for being rude, except Jung Eum doesn’t have an older brother.

40: It’s fall, the time of the year when Bo Suk reminisces about a certain Michelle who he met at the park while walking. One day, she gets upset with him và leaves with the parting words, “Mauvaise Haleine! Odeur d’ail!”. Pook Bo Suk can’t understand what happened till this day. In mãng cầu gets her pay & decides to treat everyone to lớn ssamgyupsal. Se Kyung và Shin Ae are invited too, but Se Kyung gets called away to lớn an errand by Jo Hoon at the last minute. He repays her by buying her dinner. Jung Eum crashes the dinner for two, & the girls kết thúc up really drunk.

39: Shin Ae & Hye Ri have a new homework assignment: lớn draw what they want to be when they grow up. Hye Ri has her dream, but Shin Ae can’t biến hóa her mind. Once again, Grandpa lies to lớn Ja Ok. This time, he says that he’s been trying to lớn fold 10,000 paper cranes for her. Now, he’s going khổng lồ have to find a way to come up with those paper cranes.

38: Se Kyung finds out that she’s being underpaid. Hyun Kyung decides to give her a raise, but ends up giving her the wrong envelope. Julien gets a temporary job interpreting for Grandpa’s business deal. The deal goes well, và Grandpa changes his mind about Julien, only lớn change his mind again when his jealousy gets the better of him.

37: Ju Hyuk’s friends discover Jung Eum & Se Kyung and think that they are gorgeous. They break into two camps and stalk the girls: the camp that thinks that Jung Eum is prettier, & the camp that thinks that Se Kyung is prettier. They have a vote in school to decide who is prettier. Bo Suk rescues a naked man he finds in the middle of a road. The man claims to lớn be from the future, and is being sent back lớn kill Asimo the robot, lớn prevent the eventual robot rebellion.

36: Hyun Kyung & Ja Ok get into trouble for disciplining a student. Hyun Kyung kicked the boy in the balls, while Ja Ok pinched his nipples till they bled. Shin Ae gets addicted khổng lồ the toy capture machine, và steals money from Se Kyung to play it.

35: Grandpa’s secretary finally quits over his farting habit, & they have to lớn find a new one. In running are Park Jeong Ah, Seo In Young, Son Dam Bi and Uee. Somehow, the candidates all know the family through connections, and the race is on to lớn see who has the best connections. Jung Eum takes Heli with her to the hospital, but they won’t let the dog in. She entrusts the dog to lớn Ji Hoon who loses it. The dog is eventually found at its original home, & we see the back story of how Jung Eum came khổng lồ own Heli. (Guest appearance: Jung Il Woo)

34: Kwang Soo buys a piece of steak at the grocery store, & doesn’t want to cốt truyện it with Jung Eum. He và In mãng cầu have to lớn find creative ways khổng lồ keep the meat khổng lồ themselves. Grandpa tries to invite Ja Ok over for dinner & officially introduce her lớn the family. No one is happy about it, và everyone imagines their version of the ideal family.

33: Hye Ri gets a boyfriend, but the boyfriend has a change of heart and decides that he likes Shin Ae. Jun Hyuk discards his old PE uniform, & Se Kyung decides lớn wear it. She goes to school in the PE uniform to bring Jun Hyuk his bag, but gets mistakened for a student.

32: Due lớn a variety of circumstances, Jung Eum & Se Ho interact more than usual for a few days, reminding Se Ho about his crush. Hye Ri loses her memory in an accident, và becomes nice. She even thinks that she & Shin Ae are best friends.

31: Bo Suk becomes an unexpected hit with the middle-aged Japanese female buyers, and the company decides lớn capitalize on his looks khổng lồ promote the company in Japan. Everyone in the hospital is talking about Ji Hoon’s girlfriend, the one who is gorgeous và brings him soup often. Se Kyung & Jung Eum try to figure out who the girl is.

30: Jung Eum notices that Jun Hyuk is always polite and considerate of Se Kyung, và decides that he needs lớn be more polite to heer — he should hotline her “Noona” from now. Jun Hyuk ignores her. Hyun Kyung causes Ja Ok to lớn fall down and sprain her ankles by accident. To ảo diệu for it, she volunteers lớn carry Ja Ok around. However, Ja Ok is convinced that Hyun Kyung is out lớn get her, and plots revenge.

29: Jung Eum is recovering from her appendicitis surgery. Just because, she makes Ji Hoon look bad in front of his boss. In return, Ji Hoon scares her into thinking that he left a scalpel in her. Grandpa and Ja Ok celebrate their 100th day anniversary with a surprise sự kiện planned by Bo Suk.

28: Heli falls sick, so Jung Eum takes him along with her khổng lồ the Lee house before dropping him off at the vet’s. Jung Eum seems to lớn be having tummy troubles too. Ji Hoon happens to come home, và he’s allergic to dogs, creating conflict between him và Jung Eum. Ja Ok & Grandpa see a man fart in public, and Ja Ok criticizes the man. Grandpa tries khổng lồ hide the fact that he shamelessly farts in public. However, he is extra gassy that day, making it extra painful lớn hold it in. (I think the vet is supposed to be someone, but I don’t recognize him.)

27: Shin Ae is bored, và Hye Ri won’t lend her books khổng lồ read. Se Kyung encourages Shin Ae to lớn write her own story. Hye Ri reads the beginning of Shin Ae’s story about the baby poop và gets hooked. To lớn facilitate Shin Ae’s writing, Hye Ri allows her all kinds of privileges. Bo Suk makes a few mistakes, và Se Kyung happens lớn be around to correct him each time. Bo Suk starts to resent Se Kyung.

26: Ji Hoon is having problems at work, và Hyun Kyung is determined to lớn protect him. We get a little back story between Ji Hoon & Hyun Kyung, with special focus on her high kick, lượt thích how Hyun Kyung broke his guitar when he wanted to quit school và become a rock guitarist. Ja Ok is trying lớn locate the woman who ran away with the pool of money that she and others invested in. She offers a reward, and this gets everyone excited và looking for the woman. (Ryu Seung Soo as the Dr Jang who is making things difficult for Ji Hoon)

25: Hye Ri is having some serious problems understanding math. Hyun Kyung và Bo Suk try their best to help her lớn no avail. Upon hearing that she took an IQ test in class, the parents get worried, and think back khổng lồ the time they took an IQ test. Jung Eum is nervous about getting found out as an imposter Seoul University student. It gets worse when she drops her wallet at the Lee’s house during tutoring.

24: Because of the way Kwang Soo looks, Ja Ok has always had a bad impression of him, blaming him for anything that happens (and often wrong). Shin Ae gets tricked into having lớn pay for Hye Ri’s after school snack, but she has no money. Se Kyung can’t get money from the bank since they are closed on Saturdays. Shin Ae is thus kept hostage in the shop until they pay up.

23: Se Ho notices that Bo Suk doesn’t get much respect around the house, which apparently never occured khổng lồ Bo Suk. Jun Hyuk gets tickets to a musical from Grandpa. Se Ho can’t go with him so Jun Hyuk ends up going with Jung Eum. Se Kyung visits Ji Hoon at the hospital to lớn bring him a change of clothes. She ends up running around with him and waiting all day. To thank her for her efforts, Ji Hoon takes her khổng lồ the musical as well.

22: One of Hye Ri’s dolls go missing, and she blames Shin Ae. It’s up khổng lồ Ji Hoon’s birlliant deductions to figure out who the real culprit is. Ja Ok is sick, và Grandpa và the Principal visit her. They over up fighting over her.

21: Shin Ae và Hye Ri’s class are putting on a performace — Cinderella. Hye Ri chooses to lớn be Cinderella, và Shin Ae gets khổng lồ be the evil step sister. Hye Ri doesn’t take well to being mistreated. Jung Eum is depressed about not getting an internship. Although he was rejected by her, Se Ho comes up with many reasons why he thinks Jung Eum is great, cheering her up.

20: Grandpa gets into bicycle gear when Ja Ok compliments an older cyclist they saw in a park. He shows up in cycling gear when he goes to lớn meet Ja Ok’s friends. However, his xe đạp gets stolenSe Kyung gets her first paycheck. She ends up lending most of it to Jung Eum, thinking it’s only for a day, but Jung Eum can’t pay her back Se Kyung has khổng lồ figure out how to lớn get her money back.

19: It’s Chu Seok (Korean Thanksgiving). The family goes khổng lồ visit, leaving Se Kyung and Shin Ae alone at home. Shin Ae tries to enjoy the toys that she doesn’t get to lớn play when Hye Ri is around, but Hye Ri pre-empts her. Ji Hoon lets Shin Ae play, và watch tv. He also notices that Se Kyung & Shin Ae don’t have new clothes, so he buys them some, và takes them out. Hyun Kyung comes across an old dirty suit, which reminds her of a past humiliation. She gets into a bad mood as a result.

18: Ja Ok and Hyun Kyung attend an away seminar together. Hyun Kyung misses one of Ja Ok’s bags by accident, so Ja Ok doesn’t have the right clothes for public speaking. She ends up having to borrow Hyun Kyung’s clothes, which are too big. Jung Eum gets set up on a blind date with a med student who happens lớn know Ji Hoon. When the guy doesn’t gọi her back, Jung Eum blames Ji Hoon for interfering.

17: Bo Suk encounters many instances of Ji Hoon being a genius, and hero worships him. Jung Eum gets fired because she doesn’t seem like a good fit as Jun Hyuk’s tutor.

16: Se Kyung finally gets her act together & enrolls Shin Ae in elementary school. First, she needs to figure out all the paperwork & logistics, like how lớn get school supplies. She ends up participating in an eating contest for the prize money. Grandpa gets introduced to lớn Julien, và is irked by how close & touchy he is with Ja Ok.

15: Se Ho develops a crush on Jung Eum. We find out Hyun Kyung & Bo Suk’s love story.

14: Grandpa gets mistakened as Ja Ok’s father, và he’s upset about their differences in physical age. He consults with Jung Eum on the use of cosmetics lớn improve his looks. Shin Ae is envious of Hye Ri’s new doll house, so Se Kyung makes Shin Ae a house out of cardboard to play. Hye Ri gets envious & takes over Shin Ae’s house.

13: It’s Julien’s birthday. He invites Se Kyung và Shin Ae over lớn a buổi tiệc ngọt with his friends. In turn, they prepare homemade gifts. We find out how Bo Suk got his name.

12: Pictures of Jung Eum drunk on the beach are all over the internet. She wants khổng lồ get revenge by getting a picture of Ji Hoon in a compromising position too. However, her efforts to get him drunk are not working out. Ja Ok tries lớn reach out to Hyun Kyung, but is rejected. They happen lớn go on an MT (group outing lớn foster relationship) & end up having more chances khổng lồ clash.

11: After getting soaked in the rain, Grandpa gets a really bad cold. However, he tries to lớn pretend that he’s well so that he can see Ja Ok. Se Kyung is having problems using the electric household appliances. Hye Ri is warning Shin Ae to stop eating her food, but Shin Ae keeps being tempted. Shin Ae và Se Kyung visit a supermarket for the first time, and Shin Ae is amazed by all the free samples.

10: Hyun Kyung decides to allow Se Kyung and Shin Ae to stay on as housekeeper. Jung Eum takes a ride from Ji Hoon khổng lồ the train station, but he forgets that she’s in the car and drives all the way khổng lồ Sok Cho. Grandpa has a date with Ja Ok, and obsesses over it. However, she breaks up with him when they meet.

9: Se Kyung starts her new job at the Lee House. However, Hyun Kyung thinks that they shouldn’t hire her, so she only needs lớn work for a day. The father of Jun Hyuk’s ex-tutor passed away, and Jun Hyuk skips school khổng lồ go khổng lồ the funeral. Jun Hyuk agrees lớn be a pall bearer, & gets into trouble with his mother.

8: Hyun Kyung, Ja Ok và Grandpa have to khuyến mãi with the aftermath of the discovery that Grandpa & Ja Ok are dating. Ja Ok decides not to lớn see Grandpa for a while, which gets him upset. He keeps texting her non-stop. The housekeeper wins the lottery, và quits. Se Kyung is still looking for a job. She runs into Ji Hoon, and follows him home. Grandpa mistakes Se Kyung for the new housekeeper.

7: Jun Hyuk gets a 97 on his English test, & his teacher suspects that he cheated. It’s hard lớn explain what happened between Jung Eum and him khổng lồ cause this freak accident. Hyun Kyung gets increasingy suspicious that Grandpa is dating the vice-principal, Ja Ok. She starts lớn collect evidence.

6: Bo Suk sees Grandpa and Ja Ok together, but promises khổng lồ keep it a secret from Hyun Kyung. Unfortunately for him, Hyun Kyung is sharp & senses that something is up. She won’t stop bugging him. Shin Ae gets lost, & Se Kyung panics. She finally gets help from Julien and the others, & they eventually find Shin Ae.

5: Ja Ok asks Grandpa about going public with their relationship. Grandpa is hesitant. He forgets his wife’s death anniversary, và makes a date with Ja Ok because it’s her birthday. Se Kyung feels bad about imposing on Julien, so she lies that she found a job & leaves.

4: Ja Ok lets Julien have Se Kyung and Shin Ae stay with him. Se Kyung tries lớn find a job and gets one as a pump attendant. However, she knows nothing about cars and gas. She meets Ji Hoon again at the gas station. Jung Eum is having problems trying to tutor Jun Hyuk, and Hyun Kyung doesn’t want lớn keep stepping in. Jung Eum ends up getting hit by accident & Jun Hyuk feels like he has lớn be nice to 3d for it.

3: Hyun Kyung again confronts Grandpa about the fact that someone saw him & Ja Ok at the movies. Grandpa denies it. Hyun Kyung fires Jun Hyuk’s tutor because Jun Hyuk’s grades are not improving. Heli chews up an expensive show, so Jung Eum needs to lớn get a job to pay for it. She decides to lớn try tutoring. Hyun Kyung ends up hiring Jung Eum, thinking that she’s a Seoul University student. Se Kyung and Shin Ae are sleeping out in the open. They meet Julien, who offers them food & his place.

2: Se Kyung and Shin Ae make it to lớn Seoul, and even get jajang myun. Ji Hoon has to lớn attend a blind date & it doesn’t go well. The school is abuzz with gossip about how Grandpa and Ja Ok were at the theater together. Jun Hyuk is not pleased about it, và Hyun Kyung hears about it as well. Grandpa tries khổng lồ hide, và escape from the school. Se Kyung & Shin Ae thua trận their money, and accuse Ji Hoon of being a pickpocket. They make it khổng lồ Nam San Tower, but don’t find their dad.

Xem thêm: 9 Bộ Phim Điện Ảnh Của Song Hye Kyo Hay Nhất Trong Sự Nghiệp Diễn Xuất

1: A couple of lost hikers get rescued by a family of three living in the woods. They are Shin Ae, Se Kyung & their dad, and they are escaping from debt. However the hikers post their picture on a blog, & the family is discovered by their creditors. We also get introduced lớn the Lee family, and the vice-principal, Ja Ok, who is dating Grandpa.