Watch how i met your mother season 7

S7 · E1 · The Best Man

19 Sep 2011

While Barney prepares for his wedding lớn a mystery bride, he... More

S7 · E3 · Ducky Tie

26 Sep 2011

Barney faces having to lớn wear Marshall's ducky tie if he loses... More

S7 · E4 · The Stinson Missile Crisis

3 Oct 2011

After Robin assaults a girl who is out to lớn ruin Barney's... More

S7 · E5 · Field Trip

10 Oct 2011

Marshall decides to lớn step in after seeing his boss's approach... More

S7 · E6 · Mystery vs. History

17 Oct 2011

When Ted goes on a date without researching the girl on the... More

S7 · E8 · The Slutty Pumpkin Returns

31 Oct 2011

Ted finally meets his mystery girl in the Slutty Pumpkin... More

S7 · E10 · Tick Tick Tick...

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14 Nov 2011

"Tick Tick Tick" is the tenth episode of the seventh season... More

S7 · E11 · The Rebound Girl

21 Nov 2011

Ted and Barney discuss making a life-changing decision... More

S7 · E12 · Symphony of Illumination

5 Dec 2011

Robin receives bad news and decides to lớn hide it from the... More

S7 · E14 · 46 Minutes

16 Jan 2012

Lily & Marshall officially move to the suburbs and realize... More

S7 · E15 · The Burning Beekeeper

6 Feb 2012

Lily asks for her father's help when she and Marshall decide... More

S7 · E16 · The Drunk Train

13 Feb 2012

Lily & Marshall invite Robin and Kevin on a Valentine's... More

S7 · E17 · No Pressure

20 Feb 2012

When Robin breaks up with Kevin, Ted confesses his feelings... More

S7 · E23 · The Magician's Code (1)

14 May 2012

When Lily goes into labor, Ted & Robin distract her by... More

S7 · E24 · The Magician's Code (2)

14 May 2012

Ted is conflicted when Victoria approaches him on her... More

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S7 · E24 · The Magician's...When Ted stands in front of Victoria at the bar, music after Ted asked what is the best... More
S7 · E17 · No PressureAnyone knows what's the piano playing at the background tuy nhiên at the very beginning when... More
S7 · E16 · The Drunk TrainHi People! Can anyone tell what guitar theme is playing when Barney & Ted visiting the... More




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