Ef: A Fairy Tale Of The Two

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- ". . . Yuu-kun is the same as always, (hee hee)That straightforward personality."- "People bởi not change that easily."- "That is true.. . . I haveLost many things,But . . .After I met those children,I have also found many new things."- "The stories about the children Yuuko has met . . .Can you tell me more?"- "Yes."I have reviewed both seasons of the anime and now I am getting to lớn my manga version. The reason why Ef - a Fairy Tale of the Two. Has a special place in my heart is because it focuses on the First Tale, which is about my favorite part the "saga," if you will, the love triangle of Hirono Hiro, Miyamura Miyako và Shindou Kei (some of the main characters of the first season), whose story felt rushed in the anime, mainly due lớn time constrictions (the season is twelve episodes long) & the inclusion of the Latter Tale at the same time. Hence, the manga takes it more slowly and is more detailed, giving logical, believable development between the characters. I will leave the comparisons at that for now as I give light on the synopsis lớn the unlucky ones who have no idea what I am talking about.Hirono Hiro is a high school student who is also a shoujo manga artist (ironic, since I hate shoujo manga) unbeknownst to anyone but his childhood friend, Shindou Kei, as he goes under the name Shindou Nagi. One fateful Christmas night, Hiro decides khổng lồ visit a church in order to help him with his artwork. There, he meets a mysterious woman who calls herself Amamiya Yuuko. She tells him that mass has already ended, to lớn which Hirono replied that he is not there for it. He then proceeds khổng lồ ask her if she is affiliated with the church, but she says she is not. Yuuko explains that she is waiting for someone. As Hirono is about khổng lồ depart, Amamiya wishes him a merry Christmas. Outside, a girl's purse is stolen by a man on a motorcycle. She, Miyamura Miyako, sees Hiro, after he left the church, standing and asks him where the thief headed. Once Hiro answers Miyako, she thanks him và abruptly "borrows" his bicycle. As she chases the robber, Hirono chases Miyamura on foot. She eventually crashes. Miyako wakes up safely, and promises to lớn pay Hiro back for the bicycle later. It turns out later that they both go khổng lồ the same high school, called Otowa. A friendship develops between the two, disturbing a jealous Shindou, và Amamiya sometimes suddenly appears before Hirono & Miyamura separately, giving them advice. Time is drawing near for Kei to lớn express her true feelings for her onii-chan, as she fully intends khổng lồ win the war that is inevitable khổng lồ begin against Miyako for the sake of her love, Hiro, who needs lớn carry upon his back his commitments for education, work, và these two young maidens . . .People may come down hard on a premise such as this one, calling it annoying names like "typical," "overdone," và "cliche," but I prefer not to bởi that, in general. I see the essence in each story, và if you look closely, you will notice they are not that similar; there is always a unique factor separating them, be it the heroine killing the protagonist in the end, for the heroine's rival to go lớn a different school while still dating the protagonist, the heroine being an empty can ("WTF?"), the protagonist living under the heroine in a girl's dorm, or having three dots on the heroine and mention that she is from a planet called Seiren. Ef - a Fairy Tale of the Two. Stands out as well because of Amamiya Yuuko, and the "person" she is waiting for, but I am actually glad it does not concentrate much on that part of the story, leaving most of the room for the love triangle và the characters' emotions.Like I was saying earlier, the manga takes a slower pace than its anime counterpart, and there are noticeable differences. For example, when Hiro và Miyako first meet, in the anime, they spend the night together (I meant they go khổng lồ karaoke and a family restaurant off-screen; get your mind out of the gutter) until morning, since her key was in her snatched purse, whereas in the manga, they just exchange information and go home separately, which is understandable, considering the varying time the two characters have with each other in both versions. Also, in Ef - a Fairy Tale of the Two., the three lead characters, along with Hirono's classmate, Tsutsumi Kyousuke, go out on a picnic (which is a very funny scene), something, again, Ef - a Tale of Memories. Never gets to. Moreover, Kei is respectful towards Kyousuke, unlike in the first season of the anime, where their initial meeting ends up with the former punching the latter. Most noteworthy, however, is that the manga, despite having its share of drama, is more directed towards simplicity & comedy, in contrast to the anime's more serious & philosophical attitude, especially concerning Yuuko, who has casual conversations with và touches those she speaks with in the former version, but usually shows up in what seems khổng lồ be dreams & has a somber disposition in the latter.“Two. Only, Two.”The characters are all wonderful, making this the amazing story that it is. There is Hirono Hiro, who tries to vị what he wants despite the difficulties he faces, such as leaving trang chủ and injuring his right wrist from working a lot, gathered with school attendance và endless deadlines, but he likes khổng lồ go lớn the roof of Otowa alone, having been given the key by his onee-chan, who studies in America, not knowing of her brother's profession. Miyamura Miyako is an eccentric girl, who, like Hiro, does not attend classes much, thinking they are boring, yet, despite that, being popular among the boys because of her beauty, athletic abilities, và intelligence (in tests), all while trying not to mở cửa up to anyone. Shindou Kei is Hiro's short-tempered childhood friend, who is the best freshman in the basketball team & a bad cook (much lớn her onii-chan's dismay); she keeps her feelings hidden from Hirono because of an incident of the past regarding her twin sister, Shindou Chihiro (the heroine of the Latter Tale). There is also Hiro's classmate, Tsutsumi Kyousuke, who goes to the film studies club; he helps his friend sneak out of school in return for the latter treating the former, something Kyousuke really holds on to, và used lớn talk a lot with Miyako in the past year, although she now has no idea who he is. Hayama Mizuki idolizes Kei, calling her "senpai," despite being in the same year (and basketball team); she is harsh on anyone who hurts Kei, even if she were not sure of the person's identity (of course, Hiro, again, is the obvious target). Lastly, Amamiya Yuuko is a person who gives advice lớn Hiro và Miyako, appearing out of nowhere; she has a light-hearted personality (though even she gets aggravated by Miyako, showing a different face after being called "mommy" jokingly, scaring the latter) & says her job is to lớn "take care of anyone's needs," giving Hiro some strange ideas.Art-wise, the anime is arguably superior, being, in my opinion, the best animated television show, but lớn be fair, compared to lớn manga, far more people work on anime. The artwork in Ef - a Fairy Tale of the Two. Is still great, though, & every chapter has its own cover page. I just vì chưng not like how the characters are drawn sometimes when they are disgusted or angry, being nose-less và having a stain-like spot on their faces.In conclusion, this a romantic tale at its best, dealing with impeccable characters and hard decisions, when a man has khổng lồ choose one of two girls he cares deeply about. This is by far my most favorite manga. There are profound lessons lớn be learned here, such as how loving someone can change you and your goals.- "Just watching other people giving their all while standing on the sidelines is unacceptable."- ". . . . . ."- "To be honest, people who work hard at what they vì chưng will never except those who vì nothing.At least, I would never love a person lượt thích that."- "Eh . . .? Why . . .Why vày I feel as if I were pierced by something?"