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Pokemon Sun PC Download comes to lớn DS with the greater novelty in its history: the game in line. Get eight medals or devote yourself to battle against other trainers, on this occasion you have more lớn choose. The Pokemon more large ever created. Europe has been the last in receive the first delivery of the saga Pokemon for Nintendo DS, having only in has the line classic. After mysterious world và Ranger, these small Frankster fans can finally enjoy what long had been awaiting. Eight medals, a Pokemon, parallel competitions League, an organized gang to which they stop, a new teacher, three Pokemon to lớn choose and two new characters that we find everywhere & fighting as they have always been. I.e., a Pokemon in every rule & not a Variant that may not be liked by everyone. Oh, và a small trifle which we will discuss at the end… online game. But let’s go direct into matter, it is a trò chơi that needs no introduction. The excuse that we started this Pokémon is the help a new teacher, Rowan, which lost his briefcase on the grass và with a partner, rescued him by making use of one of their Pokémon to receive an attack by two wild Pokemon. Our act of courage và our good bởi vì achieve that we receive as a gift the chosen Pokémon. That if, with the purpose lớn help you complete your Pokedex which has new functions with respect khổng lồ the previous.

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In this occasion we have to lớn our scope a turtle called Turtwig, a mono with the tail burning called Chimchar và a bird apinguinado called Piplup, being of them types plant, fire và water respectively, them three classic. This edition added 100 new Pokemon are added to lớn all of the above, though not all are available from trang chủ and, as always, there are a some variety between the two versions. Pokemon Sun download PC Version right below!

Single-Player Multi-Player Fast Installation No Errors All game Features No virut Working in any operation system

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