So I introduce lớn you how lớn switch from Word 2007, 2010 khổng lồ Word 2003 in the fastest và most convenient way. There are 3 ways that you can choose: - Method 1: Transfer Word 2007 files to computers with Word 2007 & Save As again into Word 2003.

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Currently, there are many new và improved versions of Microsoft Ofice 2003 such as 2007, 2010, 2013, . But for some reason, a lot of people prefer khổng lồ use Microsoft Office 2003. The problem is that Office 2003 cannot read a file with a higher version. Many of you are confused when encountering a higher version of a document file while your computer is an older version. Installing the new version suite takes a lot of time and it is not a way that many of you prefer lớn use word 2003.

So I introduce to lớn you how lớn switch from Word 2007 & 2010 to Word 2003 in the fastest & most convenient way.

There are 3 ways that you can choose:

- Method 1: Convert Word 2007 file to a computer with Word 2007 và Save As back to Word 2003.

- Method 2: download the 2007 to 2003 tệp tin conversion software & install (takes time to install but is always integrated in word).

- Method 3: Use websites supporting online tệp tin conversion.

How khổng lồ install:

- Method 1: Convert Word file to 2007 computer and Save As again with .doc file format.

+ Step 1: Click the tệp tin menu and select Save As .


+ Step 2: In the Save as dialog box in the Save As Type section, choose Word 97- 2003 Document.


- Method 2: This software is in the khung of 1 frame when you use it và cannot see its interface. When the software is installed, all Word 2007 files will xuất hiện in 2003 by double-clicking the Word 2007 file.

- Option 3: You can search online support sites.

+ Click link:

+ Step 1: Select the path lớn the file to be converted, click Choose Files & then select the path lớn the file you need lớn convert.


+ Step 2: Select the tệp tin format to convert. You choose the .doc format as shown below:


+ Step 3: Enter the email address to receive the tệp tin after conversion.

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+ Step 4: You just need to lớn click the Convert trang web automatically convert và send it to the e-mail you just entered:


The last thing you need to vì chưng is xuất hiện your thư điện tử and tải về the file. With Word 2010 you bởi the same as Word 2007.