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What is Franchising?

If you want to get into business for the first time, then consider franchising. Put very simply, franchising is a way of expanding an existing business through the licensing of its business model and brand to an individual entrepreneur – such as yourself. You – the franchisee – pay the business operator – the franchisor – a fee for the privilege of using a brand, and […]

Managing The Change In Ownership

Reasons for buying a business vary enormously, but in many cases the skills, contacts and team spirit of the staff are among them. Much of the business’s profitability is down to its employees – and this is particularly true for service industries such as property agents, hair salons or loan brokers. Often, client relationships are with the individual rather than with the brand or the firm. Even […]

Unsecured Small Business Loans

If you plan to face launch your company or you want to make to create small but relevant changes for your business, you do not need to depend in your buddies and relatives for simple income. It is usually to higher to search for exterior assets or loan institutions for added funds. With effect of dwindling economy, the loan companies are hesitant to invest in […]