Blogging From Home? Green Your Office!

There may be no better feeling in the world than being able to make money from the comfort of your own home; website bloggers get to do just that. Not only can you make money by blogging from home, but you can save money at the same time! By being able to choose green products for your home office, you are in the unique position to cut down on energy bills and be environmentally responsible.

Here are five great green gadgets every home blogger’s office should have:


Chances are that if you work from home, you work on a computer. Did you know that a desktop uses up to twice as much energy as a laptop? Even when both are running on electricity? Not only are laptops more energy efficient, but they are also more portable; perfect for doing a bit of blogging while waiting at the doctor’s office!

Solar Keyboard 

If you’ve already got a desktop, and won’t be replacing it with a laptop any time soon, why not make your desktop as environmentally friendly as possible? Enter the Logitech solar-rechargeable keyboard! Think of the dozens of batteries you waste every year on your wireless keyboard. This Logitech model uses no batteries; instead, it recharges itself with light provided by the sun or your desk lamp.


Smart strips are an advancement in technology to the standard power strip, and they are amazing! Plug your computer into the control outlet, and your printer, fax machine or any other peripherals into the other outlets. When you turn your computer off, you’ll also cut the power to your peripherals. The strips also have three outlets that are always “on” so you don’t have to worry about cutting power to everything. This is a fantastic way to conserve energy.

Solar Charger

A solar charger stores energy from the sun and, once your gadget is plugged in, transfers that energy to your cell phone, PDA, mp3 player or even laptop, charging the battery. Solar charges come in a variety of sizes and options. You can easily find a single charger for your cell phone for $30 and can spend upwards of $100 for a multi-gadget charger.

Water Clock

Everyone needs a great desk clock. The Bedol Water Clock ensures that you never have to use electricity or batteries again simply to tell the time. Fill the reservoir of this little clock with water straight from the tap, add a splash of lemon juice and you’re good to go for up to 12 weeks.

Blogging from your phone office is, in essence, environmentally friendly as you aren’t driving back and forth to work every day. Take it a step further and green your office space. With the money you’re saving on gas, lunches out, and even office appropriate clothing, you can deck your home office out in an incredibly environmentally friendly manner.

With increased awareness, people are opting for green real estates. They want not just to own any homes, but green homes. The growing concern about environmental degradation has pushed many people to own or rent eco-friendly homes.
Green homes do not just benefit the environment, but help raise the quality of living of owners besides cutting on utilities expenses e.g. on water and energy. Real estate agents are nowadays promoting these green homes. But before getting in to any deal you should know what to look for in a green home.
The following are some qualities to look for in green and eco friendly home:
Energy efficient
Green homes will have built-in eco-friendly appliances to allow minimal energy consumption. Energy-efficient appliances will not only reduce your bills but significantly reduce energy demands through everyday conservation.
Water conservation
Drought tolerant plants and low-maintenance landscapes means reduced watering and hence water conservation. A water-saving appliance in the house is also an indication of a green house.
Construction Materials
Green homes are built using environmentally friendly materials. Materials that are easy to maintain and at the same time do not emit toxic gases brought about by dyes and glues. Always go for a home constructed and finished with materials with low environment impact, low toxicity, durable, sustainable supply and that can be recycled.
High air quality and minimal pollution
Buy a home if it is in a location with minimal pollution and with effective ventilation system. Minimal pollution means reduced environmental pollution from pesticides, fertilizers among others.
Natural systems
A green home increases reliance on the sun and wind for electricity and lighting, plants for cooling and maintaining air quality.

Going green does not mean sacrificing your business. It does not mean doing complex and tedious thing either. Making your business eco-friendly can be the easiest things you starting doing today. We all wish to have sustainable and successful businesses and that can’t be possible if we continuously ruin our planet.

Here are some tips to make your business green today!


2. Eradicate unwanted paperwork by scanning them. Customize your documents to be signed online.

3. Plug in all of your equipment into power strips. At the end of the day shut down the power strip and turn them on in the morning. 4. Turn off the lights when not required. 5. Turn off your fax machine. If you need to receive faxes in the middle of the night opt for an online fax number. It saves paper, and electricity. The pricing is very affordable.

6. Buy high energy efficient products for use in your company.

7. Printing double sided documents. Printing only when it is absolutely necessary is another way a business can promote green business. Printing double sided documents will reduce paper requirements by 50%, and hence reduce business costs and maximize profits.